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Chris Masten

Target: $2500

Recently a close friend of mine’s daughter was diagnosed with Sarcoma. It was then I realised I knew nothing about this form of cancer. I want to support this event because by making more people aware of sarcoma and its symptoms, we have a better chance of saving lives. Early treatment provides a better chance for a better outcome.
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$100 from Hidden
$101 from Jo Murphy

In memory of my late friend Sharon Ashdown
$20.20 from Ray Gilham
$50.50 from Tony Loiacono
$20.20 from Emma Viggiano
$101 from Beth Butler

Lost my husband to sarcoma.
$101 from Hidden

Go Masto!
Hidden from Michael Masten
$50 from Laura Page
$101 from Angus Clunies Ross

For Scott Spalding
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In memory of my beautiful sister Katie who died in 2013 from Osteosarcoma ❤️
$101 from Pedal Mafia

Great Cause
$20.20 from Megan Young

My sister has Ewing’s Sarcoma
$20 from Brandon Marsh

Because it’s for such a good reason.
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