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Colin Hoogenkamp

Target: $$3000

My 16yr old son Kristian just recently passed away from Alveolar Rhabdomyo Sarcoma.
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$50.50 from Chris Baulch
$20.20 from Maria Kougiannis

My mother works with Tina
$101 from Celia Myers
$20 from Blair J
$50.50 from Scott Kendell
$101 from Ross Torre
$202 from sam mangione
Hidden from Renee Gemmill

For Kristian and the beautiful Hoogenkamp family xx
$50.50 from Dean Anstey
$20.20 from Hidden
$20 from Deb Humphries
$50 from Ruth Chris Athena Poppy Emmott Myers

$50.50 from GK endurance
$50.50 from Tyson Cook
$50.50 from Victoria Pree
$50.50 from Antony Thornton
Hidden from Angela Robertson
Hidden from Hidden
$50 from Nicola Spencer
$50.50 from Anastasia Zafiropoulos

For kristian
$88.88 from Hidden

Hidden from Wendy Clouston
$50.50 from Jasmine Wettig
$50 from Eva Nesto

Kristian Colin
$50.50 from The Johnston’s
$20 from Christina Tsiantoulas
$101 from Hidden
$50 from Sangita Forrest

For Kristian
Hidden from Tea Edwards

❤️ Kristian
$20.20 from MICHELLE HAMER
$20.20 from Patricia Papadopoulos
$50.50 from Ella Arbel

Loosing one of my best friends to sarcoma.
Hidden from Fiona Rahim
Hidden from Sarah Dwyer
$50 from Hidden

In support of Hoogenkamp family
$102.01 from Chris Boardman
$20 from Matthew Hoogenkamp
$106.05 from ABT McAuliffe

In honour of our beloved Kristian
$50.50 from Kim & Damien Moralee

Resilience to overcome and do something helpful and positive
$100 from Arthur Ntoumenopoulos

Hidden from Marco Tentori
Hidden from Ferne Rowley

Friends Son passed away with Sarcoma
$101 from Kym Mansfield’s

for Kristian
$30.30 from John Van Vliet
$50.50 from Emma Greaves
$50 from Elisa Terpos
$10.10 from Sally Bolger
$50 from Janet Styles
Hidden from Hidden
Hidden from Jenny Cooper
$50.50 from Effie MAZGALTZIDIS

My 16yr old grandson passed away from Sarcoma.
$101 from Danny Hoogenkamp
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