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Jean-Pierre Gorce

Target: $750

Once again I’m delighted to be riding in the 2018 Sock it to Sarcoma! ‘Ride & Stride’ event on Saturday 27 October. I’m doing this ride to help raise money so more research can be done into sarcoma, the rare and aggressive bone and soft tissue cancer that has claimed far too many lives.

In 2014, my beautiful 18yo daughter Matilda found a small pea-like lump in her left ring finger. We thought it was a cyst of some sort and showed it to the GP so we could have it removed before it got any bigger. The GP thought it was most likely a cyst too and agreed that removing it would be best and referred us to a plastic surgeon.

The plastic surgeon ordered some scans so he knew what he was dealing with but after an ultrasound, xray and MRI, he said that the only way he would know would be to operate, which he did on 1 October 2014. As it turned out he was unable to remove the whole ‘cyst’ and just removed part of it for biopsy. He said that he didn’t like the look of it but only pathology would confirm if it was something nasty. After three agonising weeks of waiting, I received a text from my wife saying ‘it’s bad’. The surgeon told Matilda that pathology had confirmed it was a very rare, aggressive, malignant tumour – an epithelioid sarcoma – and the only option was to amputate her finger, and possibly part of her hand.

We then had to check that the cancer hadn’t spread and Matilda was sent off for a PET CT scan. Thankfully there was nothing of major concern, just a couple of areas to keep an eye on. So on 11 November, Matilda very bravely went off to surgery and had her left ring finger removed. Recovery took quite a few weeks and adjusting to her ‘new hand’ took a lot longer.

During this difficult time, we have had the pleasure of meeting the delightful Mandy Basson who scooped us all up into the Sock it to Sarcoma family where we have met some wonderful people who have been such a support to us, and especially to Matilda. Abbie Basson’s vision has truly come to life through this organisation and we are so proud to be part of it - Matilda especially so.

Matilda is doing really well now and is nearly four years clear! She’s a uni student studying laboratory medicine because guess what field she wants to work in? Sarcoma research!

So I’m riding for my Matilda and other dear friends and family touched by this disease that can turn your life completely upside down.

If you can support me in my fundraising efforts by donating I would be most grateful and humbled.

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supporting a good mate to fight a cause that needs support
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For you Matilda, love Nan and Pop xx
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Amazing work Tilly ..oh and JP!
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Yes, our daughter Matilda is a sarcoma survivor.
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