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Linda Campbell

Target: $750

I've just been to a Sarcoma conference where I learnt that these nasty tumours although rare, can affect 'any one in any age range'. If you happen to be in that demographic or know anyone who is, then please donate to this charity via my page and I will ride 100km on 27th October
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$20 from Jeremy Knowles
$50.50 from Heather Hamilton
Thanks Heath. It's great to receive your support!
Linda Campbell
$101 from Mandy Collins

support Linda Campbells ride
Mandy thanks for helping to support sock it to sarcoma!
Linda Campbell
$20 from Amanda Lawler
Thanks for your donation Amanda
Linda Campbell
Hidden from Mark Ham
Thanks Mark. Lots of worthy causes
Linda Campbell
$50 from Roslyn Dean
Thanks Ros. Maybe you look after some of these people too
Linda Campbell
$50.50 from Evelyn Coral
Thanks buddy
Linda Campbell
$20.20 from Peter McEwen
Thanks Peter.
Linda Campbell
Hidden from Fiona E
Thanks Fiona. Good to see that the email is going far and wide
Linda Campbell
$50.50 from Sara Tilley
Thanks for your support Sara!
Linda Campbell
Hidden from Hidden
Dear mystery donor thanks for supporting sock it to sarcoma
Linda Campbell
$101 from Steve Martin
Thanks Steve. Looks like we're both under the influence of Pickles
Linda Campbell
$50.50 from Andrea Wakefield
Thanks Andrea.
Linda Campbell
$50.50 from Richard Stallard
Thanks for your donation Jenny and Richard
Linda Campbell
$101 from Michelle Martin

I lost a dear friend to sarcoma who left behind 3 girls aged 11, 4 and 6mths
Michelle I'm so sorry to hear that. I am very honored to ride for your friend and her girls.
Linda Campbell
$50 from Caroline ROCKLIFF

Shirley and Colin
Thanks for your support Caroline
Linda Campbell
$101 from Sharon Pickles

Worthwhile Cause
You got me into this. Thanks for your generous donation
Linda Campbell
$50.50 from Paul Davison
Thanks Paul
Linda Campbell
$101 from Linda Campbell
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