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100% of donations made will be allocated towards Sarcoma research


Qing Ying Teo

Target: $1000

Why do I want to take part in “RIDE & STRIDE FOR SARCOMA?”

My good friend, Mavis, and I work as registered nurses in Perth, and we return home to Singapore whenever possible.

In January 2018, Mavis was back in Singapore to celebrate the beautiful beginning of a new year with her family. However, things turned gloomy when her mom (Auntie Monica) experienced a sudden episode of acute urinary retention which led to a full-out investigation on this otherwise healthy lady. Several anxious weeks later, Auntie Monica was diagnosed with Leiomyosarcoma. Through our years of working in the hospital, neither of us have heard of this rare form of cancer.

In the following 3 months, Mavis accompanied her mom to every single doctor’s appointment, chemotherapy sessions; unsure if she and the family made the right treatment choice, watching her mom suffer and her once bubbly personality dwindling. Every doctor’s appointment brings bad news. That feeling of helplessness knowing that prognosis is grim and no sure answer or even a glimpse of hope as there is a severe lack of research and resources related to the best established treatment, recovery and length of remission of sarcoma.

Auntie Monica was fortunate to have a caring oncologist to look after her. Mavis and her family scoured the entire list of medical oncologists available in Singapore, and only managed to find a few doctors that specializes in treating sarcoma, while the others focus mainly on more commonly-occurring cancers.

Auntie Monica is a fighter. She remained optimistic, cheerful and steadfast through and through. Till her last breath, she gave thanks to God for giving her peace and for her loving family that stood by her.

In April 2018, Auntie Monica succumbed after battling 3 months of Leiomyosarcoma.

In the months after Auntie Monica’s passing, Mavis, her family and myself as her close friend, are determined to raise awareness of sarcoma in the communities of Singapore and Perth where we are based.

We sincerely hope for your support to help fund research in finding out the best holistic clinical care for our loved ones suffering from sarcoma, and to promote education and awareness of sarcoma. 100% of your donation goes to sarcoma medical search.

In this fundraising, Mavis and I aim to raise $1000 with your help. On 2nd November 2019, I will do a 50km individual bicycle ride organized by Sock It For Sarcoma; and together with your generous donations, dedicate to Auntie Monica for her life, her strength and her love for people.

If you would like to make written dedications to Auntie Monica, please do send your short messages to with the heading "Dedicated to Auntie Monica". I will collate the dedications on little pieces of paper, pin them to my jersey and carry them with me for the entire 50km cycle ride.
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$20.20 from Nicolette Sagaram
$404 from Ben Cheng

Remembrance of our dear Aunt, from 1st Aunt & Uncle, Spencer, Ben, Marc
$20.20 from Wai Yeng Loke
$100 from Tiong Hui Ong
$50 from Maximillian Chan
$50 from Bernie Bernie
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$50 from Eunice Tan
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$50.50 from Jaycee Y

Stronger together x
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$50 from Peiyun Lee
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Hi Mummy, you are truly a warrior & an inspiration to everyone around you! And to Nancy for riding for a good cause
$50.50 from Ling Rachael

Monica (ah choo) missing your laughter!
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A small gesture goes a long way, even if its just an inch closer to finding a cure. To Mom and to QY who's completing the 50km ride, cheers!
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Apart from supporting the research for this rare cancer, I’m donating in support of Ah Teo doing a 50km ride. Jia You!!
$20 from A Tan

I’m supportive of Mavi’s dreams
$50.50 from Michelle Kok
Thank you Michelle! :) God bless!
Qing Ying Teo
$20 from Ru L
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$20.20 from Vannea Balachandran
Kawan! Terima Kasih for your love!
Qing Ying Teo
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$50.50 from darkLing Tan
Thank you for always being here there everywhere!
Qing Ying Teo
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