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100% of donations made will be allocated towards Sarcoma research


Stephen Battaglia

Target: $1000

My reason for taking part in this is purely to raise money that goes 100% to Sarcoma research. You can see my leg and I am a lucky one as that is all I had to have. More research needs to go into rare cancers like this so more people survive and can have quality of life after diagnosis and treatment. This can happen to anyone. it happened to me!! Please support and help me meet my target.
All donations are tax deductible as well.
Thanking You with love :)
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$15.15 from Zahara, Shivani, Lucian Battaglia

Good luck, don’t cheat and swim across the corners. Love from your awesome kids.
$30.30 from Anita Gadenne

Special man - you are such an inspiration :-)
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$101 from Stephen Battaglia
As stated, I match $ for $ on my first Century donation. Thank you to my century $ donor for making this possible. :)
Stephen Battaglia
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$101 from Hidden
$50.50 from David Battaglia
$20.20 from Tegan Benfell
$20 from Hidden
$20 from Hidden

Stephen Battaglia
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$50.50 from David Dyke

Support Stephen
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Something to get you started. Good on you for doing this. Your always giving to others no matter what you go thru. Amazing.
Thank you very much.
Stephen Battaglia
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