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100% of donations made will be allocated towards Sarcoma research


Sylvia Watkins

Target: $750

Sarcoma has directly affected our family. We lost our son Jordan last year at the age of 23 to this awful disease. Research is so much needed to find a cure. So we need to raise as much money for this reason to make sure other families don’t have to go through this. Loosing a child is unbearable. Cancer needs to stopped in it’s horrific tracks.
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$50 from Sylvia Watkins

Rhodes family donation. Thinking of Jordan ❤️
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Hidden from Paul Klimaitis
$100 from Julie O'Connor
$100 from Sylvia Watkins

From Daniel in memory of my brother Jordan
$20.20 from Gemma Cairns
$505 from Faye Lenz

I’m memory of Jordan Hay-Hendry
$100 from Estelle Immoos

Supporting Sarcoma research bcoz of Jordan
$50 from Angela Raggatt
$20 from Christine Lewis
$20.20 from Hidden

I have had sarcoma and would support research
$50 from Sylvia Watkins

Grandson Jordan ❤️
$50 from Sylvia Watkins

From his grandma for Jordan
$100 from Lydia Love

For Jordan
$202 from Angela Nutton

In rememberance of Jordan Hay-Hendry and so that others don't have to lose such special people way to early!
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Let's find a cure
$70 from Jean Watkins

In memory of my grandson Jordan
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$100 from Jake Johnstone

Rest easy jordo
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$20.20 from Gaynor Lewis
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