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100% of donations made will be allocated towards Sarcoma research


Mastens Mafia

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Team Captain: Scott Spalding I'm taking part in the Ride & Stride for Sarcoma! Your donations and support will help to raise funds to support sarcoma research, and to promote awareness around these rare and aggressive cancer, primary bone and soft tissue tumours.
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Team Members
$101 from ANDREW JONES
$151.50 from CastleDrilling Compamy
$50 from Linda Boswell
$50 from Linda Boswell
$100 from Hidden
$100 from Belinda Damir
$252.50 from Latitude 32

Supporting an amazing family and a great cause. All our love.
$75 from Dean Mitchell

The Spalding Family $3000 done and dusted.
Hidden from Tom Larsen
$101 from Jo Murphy

In memory of my late friend Sharon Ashdown
$50.50 from Rod Druce
Hidden from Hidden
$101 from Zoe Smith
$101 from John Emerson
$50.50 from Sam Bailey
$101 from Egremont Pastoral

Go team Spalding. Sending love & strength to you all. With love from the Lucindale McKays xx
$101 from Leith Brims
$50 from Cathy Baddeley
$50.50 from Craig Vaughan

Who wouldn't donate a few bucks to see Dean don the lycra....great cause, well done team
Hidden from Hidden
Hidden from Hidden
$101 from Gabrielle Davies
$20.20 from Suzanne Dutton
$20.20 from Ray Gilham
Hidden from Jean Bailey
$101 from The Wine Hand

For a great cause, awareness good luck Dean
$20 from Natasha Smith
$20.20 from Katie Hampson
$50.50 from Hidden

Supporting the Spalding Family
$20.20 from Bruce White

Mother had Sarcoma
$50.50 from Jen Webster
$50.50 from Angela Hardie
$50.50 from Nicki Morris
$100 from Jax Kalou

Yes, because I know Bailey and want to help.
$20 from Lesley Webb
Hidden from LeAnn Morris
$101 from Kirsty Wilson

Close to my heart
$505 from Greg Fleay

In support of the Spalding Family & their beautiful Kenz
$101 from d'Arenberg
$50.50 from Tony Loiacono
$40.40 from Nicola Bailey
$50 from Natalie Burch
$50.50 from Stuart Gosney

Mackenzie Spalding
$50.50 from Fiona Robbins
$20.20 from Una Coetzee
Hidden from Hidden
$101 from Young & Rashleigh Wine Merchants
$200 from Hidden

Great cause!
Hidden from C4 Capital - John Correia
Hidden from Kalleske Wines
$50.50 from Greg St Quintin
$50.50 from Kevin Sherrington
Hidden from Hidden
$505 from 21 Logistics

Great work Scotty and the gang.
$20 from Ian Koh
$50.50 from Charles Cardoso
$50 from Craig Hynes
$20.20 from Peta Chadwick
$50 from Sheree Conacher

Ride like the wind Sarah x
$20.20 from Jen Shepherd
Hidden from Hidden
$30.30 from Claire Serginson
$20 from Claire Kanganas
$20.20 from Joanna Donaldson
$101 from Jo Taylor

Rob has helped professionally and we wish his daughter well
$20 from Matthew Nixon
$20.20 from Julie Humphreys
$20 from Jereny Ortin
$202 from Terry Gerring

Continued research is the only answer
Hidden from Paul Payne
$20.20 from Jia Jia Wong
$50.50 from Sarah Jessup
$20 from Trish Miller
$101 from James Robinson
$50.50 from Lord
$20.20 from Emma Viggiano
$101 from Beth Butler

Lost my husband to sarcoma.
$101 from David Williams

rob is a friend but our dog has also just been diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma
Hidden from Allan Bowes
$20 from Hidden
Hidden from Troy Morrison
$20 from John Anderson
Thanks very much John, appreciate your support. Hoping for good weather this weekend as no fun riding in the wet! Rob
Robert De Laeter
$101 from Hidden

Go Masto!
Hidden from Hidden

personnel friend
Hidden from Hidden
Hidden from FIFO workers business lounge
$100 from Mark Treasure
$50.50 from Jeremy Chittock
$50.50 from Fiona Clarke
$101 from Hidden

Supporting a good mate and family
$50.50 from Nigel McGrath
$100 from Anthea Marshall

Scotty, Brooke and their family, are wonderful people and deserve much love and support. xxxxx
$50 from Daniel Kennedy
$20.20 from Smith Shearer CPA
$252.50 from Brentnalls WA
$50.50 from
$100 from Domaine Naturaliste
$50.50 from Hidden
Hidden from Michael Masten
$100 from Annie Leece
$50.50 from Denis Clements

Young people are precious
$101 from Arrowsmith Assets
$100 from Paul Kirwan
$202 from PRWR Consulting Pty Ltd

Yes, in support of McKenzie Spalding through Rob de Laeter.
Hidden from Laurie Ayers
$101 from Super-Advice

Robs a great guy!!!Great Cause. Young lives are precious Good luck
$20.20 from Chris Mearns
$100 from Mal Carter
$101 from Mark de Laeter
$20.20 from Hidden
Hidden from John Blake Sales Breakthrough Solutions
$50.50 from Adam & Jen Rose
$101 from Russell Quinn
$505 from David Bird

because I would like to Sock Sarcoma
Hidden from Hidden
$30.30 from Nigel Thayer
$50.50 from Kalsigns
$50.50 from Kevin Atkinson
$252.50 from Howard Park Wines
$20.20 from Drew Broderick
$50.50 from Aki Primmer
$101 from Nicky Walker
$101 from Hidden
$20.20 from Micky Fleay

My love for Kenzie Spalding!
$50.50 from Jacqui and Paul Gill
$20.20 from FGC Finance
$20.20 from Fiona Carroll

$202 from Roadbend - Percival Family
$101 from Vision Wine Partners
$500 from Mark Paterson
$252.50 from Don & Cathy Perfrement
$252.50 from Paul Byron - Periscope
$505 from Brooke Spalding
$100 from Fiona van den Berg
$50.50 from Ben Unbehaun
$101 from Lou Spagnolo
$202 from The Northshore Tavern
$50.50 from Bernadette Henri

Mackenzie Spalding
$101 from Kirsty Potter
$50 from Rick Johnson
$20.20 from Meg Davies

$101 from Denise Filey
$50 from Natalie Paatsch
$50 from Anna Mirco
$101 from Kylie Groves
$50.50 from Brad Russell-Lane
Hidden from Hidden
$20.20 from David Taylor
$50.50 from Leala Babs And Scottie x
$20.20 from Abbey Herbert
$20.20 from Liz Osborn
$252.50 from Tomfoolery Wines
$100 from Howard Park
$50 from Laura Page
$101 from olaf sjerp

Close to me heart - we need to find a cure
$101 from Neighbourhood Events Co
$101 from Jamie Grayson
$20.20 from Tess Fisher
$20.20 from Jenny Judd
$505 from Silkwood Estate

Silkwood Estate Director, Mr Peter Bowman wished to support research into Sarcoma and wish the research team all the best in their research
$50.50 from Tahbilk group
$50.50 from Anthony Dunn
$101 from Angus Clunies Ross

For Scott Spalding
$101 from Matthew Gear
$101 from Rohan Wilson
Hidden from Hidden
$101 from David Martin
$101 from MARK HAYTER
$20.20 from Salude Pty Ltd
Hidden from Hidden

In memory of my beautiful sister Katie who died in 2013 from Osteosarcoma ❤️
$101 from Pedal Mafia

Great Cause
$20.20 from Megan Young

My sister has Ewing’s Sarcoma
$20 from Brandon Marsh

Because it’s for such a good reason.
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