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100% of donations made will be allocated towards Sarcoma research


Watkins Family/Friends

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Team Captain: Sylvia Watkins I'm taking part in the Ride & Stride for Sarcoma! Your donations and support will help to raise funds to support sarcoma research, and to promote awareness around these rare and aggressive cancer, primary bone and soft tissue tumours.
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Team Members
$50 from Sylvia Watkins

Rhodes family donation. Thinking of Jordan ❤️
$50.50 from Raazi and family Arafa
$50.50 from Andrea Creado

To support Lysander in his fundraising cause! Proud of you Z !
$50.50 from Gary Wotzko
$25.25 from Cate Carroll
$50.50 from Shauna Weeks

Good luck Z - this is a wonderful thing that you are doing and we are extremely proud of you and your mum. Love Shauna, Marty, Emily and Neave
$20.20 from Anita Hustas

nice work V+Z
$20.20 from Bec Hall
$30.30 from Glencross Family

In memory of Yohannan Bloom, passed away 4/9/1995 aged 21
$55.55 from Leonie and Jusy Weir

Bravo Zander and Vida! Love Leonie, Judy and Lucie xxx
$70.70 from Nicole Winkler

Hey Z, what an excellent thing you and your Mum are doing in helping raise money and awareness for sarcoma Good luck for the ride and stride too and have lots of fun because we need to enjoy every bit of life that we can! Sending lots of love and cheers from the sidelines, Nicole.
$20.20 from Emma-Jane Grierson
Hidden from Hidden
Hidden from Paul Klimaitis
$50.50 from Sha van de Veire

Best wishes from family van de Veire
$50 from Sally Edmondson
$100 from Julie O'Connor
$10.10 from Zander Hustas-Hall

I'm donating my pocket money for Jordan.
$50.50 from LAURA TAYLOR
$50.50 from Vicki Hustas

In loving memory of Jordan. So proud of you V and Z xx
$100 from Sylvia Watkins

From Daniel in memory of my brother Jordan
$20.20 from Gemma Cairns
$25.25 from Mark and Jane Hamill

In Memory of Vida's cousin Jordan
$20.20 from Joanna Rayner
$50.50 from Vida Hustas

In memory of Jordan x
$505 from Faye Lenz

I’m memory of Jordan Hay-Hendry
$100 from Estelle Immoos

Supporting Sarcoma research bcoz of Jordan
$50 from Angela Raggatt
$20 from Christine Lewis
$20.20 from Hidden

I have had sarcoma and would support research
$50 from Sylvia Watkins

Grandson Jordan ❤️
$50 from Sylvia Watkins

From his grandma for Jordan
$100 from Lydia Love

For Jordan
$202 from Angela Nutton

In rememberance of Jordan Hay-Hendry and so that others don't have to lose such special people way to early!
Hidden from Hidden

Let's find a cure
$70 from Jean Watkins

In memory of my grandson Jordan
Hidden from Hidden
$100 from Jake Johnstone

Rest easy jordo
Hidden from Hidden
$20.20 from Gaynor Lewis
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